Saturday, 29 September 2012

Getting around Innsbruck

Today dawned chilly and cloudy and breathtakingly beautiful.

This snap would have been even more prettier, had I been able to zoom in a bit more. I clicked this in the bus, so didn't have more time before the helicopter flew by. It ws red and the contrast looked really nice.
We went to a fleamarket today. It mostly had clothes and knick knacks. It felt a bit sad, mainly because these were people who were selling there tiny treasures, nice things, because they needed the money more than these things. I'm probably feeling worse for them than they themselves do...I do that sometimes, well, most of the time :P. And the things are really quite cheap. I bought two books and a ring.

Here are some images from the flea market.

He belonged to one of the vendors there, paused for me very obligingly as soon as he saw my mobile camera, lol :)


It was such a beautiful day but for the cold. I wore like 3 layers to counter the cold, but my poor nose got so numb :(

This is a monument of some sort. I don't know what exactly. It looked nice  in an imposing,grand kind of way, hence the click :)

If any one can see the white spot in the mountains above this apartment bulding, I hope to buy that place some day (if it is a house) or go stay there sometime (if it is a hotel). In the morning when I woke up, the clouds were floating just below this place. It would be nice to live in such a place right, with the sky at your feet...I would feel like GOD!!!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Getting used to life in Innsbruck :)

Okay, so, I'm in Austria. I reached about a week back. I'm not going to blog about how good/bad it felt to leave and the accompanying dramas. I'm just going to say that I'm slowly getting settled and adjusted to the not so systematic life in a student dormitory,again. And I got a room mate about half an hour ago...She seems nice,for the moment...Time will tell I suppose.

I'm in this tiny little town in the Alps called Innsbruck. It is kind of a University town, it came into being only because of the University (now,my University). I suppose it is very beautiful, it is one of the most sought after ski places in Europe and is surrounded by mountains etcetera etcetera. I am posting a few pictures to that effect.

This is the view from my window in sunlight.

The same view in rain. I totally understand now why Ruskin Bond lives in the mountains and why he keeps writing on and on about them, has been for years.

This is the courtyard-cum-smoking corner on the ground floor of the dorm.

That's the river Inn, that gives the town its name. Innsbruck is actually a form of the word Innbrücke which means "bridge over Inn" (Brücke=bridge in German). It is a beautiful shade of green, and ever so clear.

There is this town tower sort of thing that we climbed one day as part of sight seeing. This is the view of the surroundings from there. It is pretty gorgeous :)

She is beautiful isn't she? And the dog is so adorable :)

This is a church of St.Nikolas, yes Santa Claus. I suppose it will have some sort of big blow out around Christmas :)

These are from a slightly larger church/cathedral (I don't know how to distinguish between them). It is called the Dome of St.Jacob. I don't know what he did, it is beautiful in that it has these frescoes and all. And apparently a part of it was destroyed in the second world war and rebuilt and all that. Frankly, I was too tired by this point so I just sat in the pews and rested.

So in a nutshell, I live now in a very picturesque place with unpredictable weather. One day it is all bright and sunny and the next its damp and rainy. Alps sure is mischievous ;) 

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Life and Love :)

Hum raat ki intezaar mein
Din kaat lete hain…
Neend ki intezaar mein
Jage rehte hain…
Lekin jab se aapke hothon ne
Iss dil ko choo liya hain,
Humein neend mein bhi
Sukoon naseeb nahi hota….

I have a velvet box of dreams
I filled it with colours of love,
I set it in the Sun
It gave out a rainbow,
I saw your face
Shining out at me
And your smile
Said it all,
Without saying a word.

Waqt ka saath ho na ho
Aap wahi rehenge jahan hamesha the…
Humare dil mein, humare ruh mein,
Humare har dhadkan mein….

Clouds of gloom descend on me,
Now that its time to leave again…
Goodbyes have never really been my thing
I guess it never will be…
With you and me,
I hope it never needs to be…

Note:- Just some lines I wrote and felt like sharing...Totally random and totally mine ;)

                                                    Do not look back,
                                      No one knows how the world ever began.
                                                    Do not fear the future,
                                                   Nothing lasts forever.
                                         If you dwell on the past or future,
                                               You will miss the moment.