Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Somewhere along the line...

You are love.
You are life.
You are the Sun around whom I revolve.
You are the only man who has ever been able to read my mind and put my thoughts into the exact same words I would have used.
You are the only man who has ever been able to make me blush.
You are the only man for whom I have fallen for, so hard.
I know we have always had this gun above our heads, this deadline.
I know we have been “expiration dating.”
But somewhere along the line, I had forgotten about it.
Somewhere along the line, I had thought that it was forever….

Friday, 8 February 2013

Bye Bye Innsbruck

It is time to leave Innsbruck. I hadn't exactly fallen in love with the city per se, well, there wasn't a lot of time for that. 6 months of classes and tutorials and exams don't exactly leave you a lot of time for sightseeing. But now,that it is time to leave, it feels like it was too less time. It is a gorgeous, though slightly sleepy city. I remember the first few days here very clearly. It was summer for the locals, with a hint of rain. And I was freezing my ass off. I went about wearing my thickest snow/fleece jacket. But now, when it is 0 degree, I say, wow, it is such wonderful weather, let's go out !!! It was actually not quite as cold as I was expecting. It was mostly bearable. And the snow made it all the more beautiful. Some days, I would wake up and everything around will be white, even if the night before had been quite, well, normal. I haven't been one for cold much, but I really am going to miss the snow. 

My room mate is packing her stuff on the other side of the room. She is leaving tomorrow to her boyfriend's place in Germany. I have two more days here. I think I will say my official goodbyes to the city tomorrow. Dear Innsbruck, we don't really have a lot of memories together...but I am really going to miss you...