Monday, 10 December 2012


It is snowing outside. The whole world is swathed under a white blanket. It is all breathtakingly,heart-achingly beautiful. It is beautiful in a way that makes my heart yearn for your presence.

The snow is falling hard and fast. I hold out my hand to catch a few flakes.Snow white against brown looks pretty, but then they melt into nothingness almost instantly. 

It is the same tree I wrote about before. It has a curtain of white against nakedness now. It's wish has come true. I am waiting for mine.....

Monday, 3 December 2012

Musings and meanderings...

I am feeling that sudden clarity of thought you feel after a drag. It is the same clarity you lose after 4 drinks. I know that it is the Nicotine tricking my body into thinking it is relaxing, while it increases my heart rate, cuts blood circulation to my legs and leads me towards a premature demise. I  like it though...

The skin on my wrists is chafing a bit, a direct effect of holding my arms out into the cold dry wind, while it encases my surroundings in a white blanket. The pink vapour rising from my strawberry tea blends into the white and disappears into nothingness. I could explain it with the second law of thermodynamics, I don't want to. I just sit and watch it become cold. Now it tastes like the Strawberry Ice tea served at CCD's back home.

I am in one of those moods where I don't want to be an Astrophysicist any more. All I want to do is sit at a picture window and write. Maybe stare into space and dream...Or paint. Well, that would be a disaster.I am a terrible painter, I can't paint to save my life..! All I can do is splash different colours on a canvas and call it modern art.

From where I sit,I can see lights dancing high up. It is like "Diwali in the mountains". I am reminded of the tiny stacked houses in the high ranges of India. These are not as quaint. I try to make out letters in the light mazes. I see alphabets, but they make no sense at all.

There is a tree outside my window. I don't know what kind it is. It was green when I arrived here. I watched it's leaves turn deep red to orange to yellow and then fall off altogether. Now it stands naked, waiting for snow to paint it white. 

When light came to wake me from dreams
I woke readily,
Donning my dreamer's robe
I vowed to keep them alive
And set them free.
When the world turned golden
And leaves started to fall
I wrapped them tight
In the folds of my heart
And send them to the heavens.
When clouds would mate,
I see them fall back on earth
And call out to me
Hidden in the grass
Out of sight of all, but me
My tiny stars...!!!