Monday, 27 June 2011

Born out of boredom...

Sleep hasn't been so benevolent for a few days. Stress without any reason has been gnawing my mind at all hours. Exhausting myself with long long walks hasn't been working either. So I have changed form into a sleep walking nervous wreck for no reason whatsoever (there are people who might disagree about the lack of reason part  but I think I might know better).

When I lie awake during the night I see the silvery crescent of the moon shining yonder. If I close one eye and make a fist,I can hold him within my palm. But my dilemma has been whether I should indeed close that one eye just for the pleasure of holding him in my hand.....

My friend is in town for a few days which gives me something to do than sit at home and dream (read obsess)... I have never in my life looked forward quite so much to anyone's arrival in  recent times. I have been so bored by a weird sort of depression these two days that I even resorted to cooking which is something I try to avoid at all costs. When even shopping fails to up the ante, you know you ARE in serious trouble. Anyway am off to pick him now... So Long!!!

P.S: Part of this post might have been mailed to those in the blog send list before. I was blogging from mobile and hit the  publish button accidentally. Stupid touch!!! Sorry about that. 

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Sitting on my couch...wearing my lazy pants...!!!

There is something about weekends that makes even the most industrious people laze around. In no way do I figure into such a group of people and practically every day is my weekend...still... I do my special things for sleeping the whole day... getting up after the sun is set (well, not so much so in London summer), and going for long long walks.....

I have become a fan of organic teas,jasmine,mint...mostly thanks to one of my flat mates,who stocks them by the dozen.  My Mom being the type A health freak that  she is, has been trying to push them on me for years, to no avail of course, while all she should have done was to simply hide the regular tea and

I came across an old love recently, ironically enough,as part of my cousin's match making efforts. It was rather weird, and it was fun too in a way, I got an opportunity to look back on the person that I was, and the one I have become, which is a rather terrific one if I say so myself ;). In his words, at least we are both having fun, even though it is not with each other. Well, that is the circus that we call life, right, what can you do...

I don't fancy myself as much of a writer...but lately,I have started thinking if it might be something I might want to consider seriously. I mean,I have wanted to be a writer since I was little,only I never did much about it...and let's face it...I'm not exactly Carrie Bradshaw (lol)...But despite the tortured moments..I can't help thinking it might be quite rewarding... Just a crazy thought... so what's new...;)

It has been raining here so much for this past week...the same unpredictable London weather...rainy a and sunny the next..

I spotted a rainbow in between too...Not very clear,but it was prettyyyyyyy :)

Enough nonsense for the moment methinks..... Me signing off ... :)

Monday, 6 June 2011

The first one- Welcome!!!

I am all about beginnings. I have decided to put all the negativity behind me and start afresh. Hence the new blog. This is the brand new me who has no dark past, just a very simple present and a bright future.

Well... Welcome :)